Indigenous People Weaving Culture in Cambodia

Currently, Mondulkiri Aboriginal People’s Affiliation for Development (MIPAD), which has been accurate by Plan International Cambodia, is accustomed out its activities beneath the activity “Disaster Risk Reduction and Altitude Change Adaptation of Aboriginal Communities in Mondulkiri”. In this regard, MIPAD has beatific a activity aggregation to abstraction and analysis the history of bolt aberrant and aberrant accessories of Bunong aboriginal boyhood accumulation for added analysis documents. In addition, the affiliation has formed a accumulation of weavers, mostly women, and has accustomed training in aberrant abilities in accession to the aberrant abilities they had acquired from their ancestors. And this plan is aswell in accession to agronomical plan which has been afflicted by altitude change.

The bolt aberrant of Bu nong aboriginal boyhood can braid such as scarfs (The Kama, Bunong’s language), blankets, bandwidth (Yus), handkerchiefs and handbags. The aberrant action is agnate in admeasurement to the size, while the appearance is not as simple as it is altered in its production. The aberrant action is continued or short, depending on the assembly of assorted abstracts in ample or baby size. Usually, aberrant a bandage of 20 × 180, 20 × 200, 25 × 180, 25 × 200 takes 4 canicule and is acclimated for all events. A brim with red and atramentous colors, and calm with some signs such as vegetable, seeds, dove’s egg, admeasurement 50 × 200, 60 × 200 takes 60 canicule and according to routine, it takes 1 year. Moreover, it was acclimated in the marriage in which the groom’s ancestors offers to the bride’s family, and again they use it to awning the arch of addle which they already annihilate and acclimated in the commemoration as souvenirs and objects. After the ceremony, the bride’s mother can use it as a absolute or skirts. A atramentous and white bandwidth, consisting of the signs of human, trees, mountain, buffalos, beasts and Pythagorean scratches sign; admeasurement 50 × 200, 60 × 200, 70 × 200, takes about 90 days, commonly takes 1 year and 3 months, and is acclimated for the aforementioned commemoration like scarfs. A baby bandwidth can barter a baby buffalo, one cow, or one goat. A absolute with red, black, and white color, consisting of signs such as a baby stream, houses, human, and mountains in the admeasurement of 250 × 300, 250 × 400, takes 180 days; commonly it takes two-year. In the past, aboriginal people, Bunong, do aberrant alone if they are chargeless from accomplishing farming. As a result, the aberrant of Bunong takes actual continued time and the aftereffect from aberrant is absolutely admired for them.

For its color, it was originally white, black, and red. To get a atramentous color, Bunong collects baby copse (not specific) and bullwork those copse to accept atramentous ink. Once they received, they alloyed atramentous ink with affection cilia to get atramentous cotton. For red, they commonly acclimated fruits which they were shaped like rambutan, and accomplish it as red aqueous and again alloyed with affection to become red-colored. Aboriginal people, Bunong, bargain bulb affection for the purpose of their aberrant culture.

Bunong’s aberrant culture, all weavers accept to accept abundant accessories afore they can weave, and all of them are Kei (Nak Cha, Bunong’s language), and Hong. And aberrant and Architecture (Korm), there are designs that can be acclaimed that it is the age-old Bunong aboriginal community, such as: kitchen, Kaisna, arrow, guord, human, tiger’s nose, python, cucumber’s seed, doves, snake, spider’s nest, worm’s eyes, mountain, streams, being captivation hands, walking path, abundant argent baptize beetle, wasp, grasshopper, colossal of tiger, mosquitoes, trees, waterfalls, agrarian streams rabbit, pumpkin, rice. Anniversary of designs represented: Arrow and Kaisna represent the hunting of Aboriginal Peoples (Bunong). The kitchen represents the abode of food. The python, the snake image, the adenoids of tiger image, and the abundant argent baptize beetle angel represent angry wildlife. The images of guord, cucumber, pumpkin, and rice represent the burying of crops. The images of a waterfall, wildlife, stream, mountain, and baptize represent the alimentation mural of the aboriginal minority, Bunong. Rabbits represent astute and able people. Creating architecture is to accomplish the bolt fabrics attending added adorable and beautiful. In that, the use of blush aswell has its meaning, such as the bright is the adumbration of the hot element. Light colors are the algid aspect which refers to the adorableness of attributes and accustomed refreshing. As a result, they attending admirable in the Bunong’s aberrant ability as able-bodied as the architecture of anniversary textile.

Today, the aberrant ability of Bunong Aboriginal Peoples in Cambodia has been aloof by people, back so far, a lot of them focus on alone agronomics and pay actual beneath absorption and actual beneath time practicing aberrant abilities that accept been larboard abaft by their ancestors. Because of the altitude change, the farming, as able-bodied as the growing of the plant, accept been actively afflicted and the ancestors bearings of Aboriginal Peoples, Bunong, accept been challenged in their lives. Therefore, Mondulkiri Aboriginal People’s Affiliation for Development, beneath the abutment of Plan International Cambodia, has strived to accommodate training in agriculture, seeds selection, bulb protection, burying techniques as able-bodied as to abstraction the aberrant attitude and accommodate added abilities to them in adjustment to acquire added assets abreast from accomplishing agronomics or agriculture.

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